• Light a candle. Do your best work.

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A moment of intention can close the gap between a creative and their best work.

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Only the good stuff.

100% soy wax. Phthalate-free fragrance. Lead- and zinc-free wicks.

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Made by creatives, for creatives.

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Why only three scents?

Just like you, we're unwilling to compromise quality in our creative work. We developed several scents in the first few months and, after a difficult time dialing them in, agreed to only release scents that we can 100% stand behind.

There will be more coming, just as soon as they're ready!

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The reviews are in...

"It’s like a really good scotch where you can taste the toffee, the oak cask, and the briny salt water from where it was bottled... There’s layers and textures to every individual scent and the way they mingle as well. It’s just incredible!!!"

Jerrod R.

The reviews are in...

"Love it! It's still going! I need to get another one for my desk!"

Tim M.